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An introduction:

Please read these terms carefully before proceeding with the purchase through the store, and by submitting the purchase order through the store, you agree to these terms of sale and be bound by them with immediate effect. In addition, please read our Privacy Policy, as your use of the Store and these Terms of Sale are governed by our Privacy Policy.

Accepting Purchase Order:

Your purchase order will be accepted by us when we notify you of acceptance in writing (either by e-mail or by SMS), and if for any reason we are not able to accept your purchase order, we will notify you in writing or by written notification by email or SMS On mobile, the product value will not be debited from your account.


Your issuance of the purchase order is an authorization from you to us or any third party specialized in electronic payments to deduct the value of the purchases from the balance of your credit or bank card or any debit card, knowing that we accept payment under:

Credit Card (Visa or Master Card)

Real-Time Bank Transfer

Or through a bank card (mada) from inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

In order to authorize credit card payments, we may require you to open an account with our other payment processing companies, including accepting their terms and conditions and providing your details on your behalf. You hereby authorize us to do so and we will not be liable to you for any damage or loss you may incur as a result of it.

Purchase order cancellation:

You can cancel the purchase order immediately before the product has been shipped.

Cancellation of your order by us:

We have the right to cancel your order when you fail to pay the value of purchases when due You fail within a reasonable period of time we specify to you to provide us with the information required to deliver the Products to you when you do not allow us within a reasonable time to deliver the Products to you or you fail to receive them from the shipping company

Bulk Buying and Multiple Buying:

We reserve the right to refuse any orders and, in our sole discretion, if we discover bulk purchases or multiple purchases of similar products.

 Delivery of your order:

Delivery cost: The cost of delivering the products is according to the prices mentioned at the time of completion of the purchase process.

Delivery date: A link to track your shipment will be sent to the delivery company's website.

Delivery Delay:

If our delivery of the product is delayed for reasons beyond our control, we will contact you as soon as possible to let you know, and we will take steps to minimize the consequences of the delay.

If there is no one at your address to collect the product and the product cannot be mailed to your PO Box, we will inform you in time how the product will be delivered or received by you.

If you cannot collect the product from us as agreed or you cannot reschedule the delivery of the product after it cannot be delivered to you at your address we will contact you for further instructions. We will cancel your order in accordance with these Conditions of Sale when we are unable to contact you or arrange a new date for delivery or pickup despite our continuous efforts in this regard.

Ownership of the Products: The Products become your property as soon as we deliver them to you at the delivery address and you have paid for them in full.

Invoicing: We will issue an electronic invoice for the value of your purchases and send it to your email address that you provide us with when you register on the site.

Defects and damages in products:

A two-year (24) month warranty is provided for some purchased products, and it is for malfunctions that may occur after purchase that are sold to buyers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The warranty does not apply to any cases other than defects in materials, materials, design or workmanship, and the warranty is limited to repair of the defective product, replacement of the defective part, or replacement of the product, or a refund at the market price of the product itself (this decision is at the discretion of the seller of the product), Note that the warranty does not cover all products, and you should check the product listing to see if the product includes a warranty.

Authorized Service Centers: In cases where we sell the product directly to you and for specific products, repairs under warranty will be carried out by service centers authorized by us. In cases where products were purchased by another seller, the terms of that seller's warranty will apply. For more details, please refer to the store's warranty policy:

Warranty Period: Product repair or replacement under the terms of this warranty does not constitute any right to extend or renew the warranty, and the terms of warranty are according to the manufacturer of the product. For more details about specific product warranty terms, please see the product support page for the product you purchased.

The warranty does not apply in the following cases:

If the product is attempted to be repaired by any service center not authorized by the seller of the product, or the product is damaged by shocking the product body such as broken screen, lenses, or kinks that may cause the product not to operate, or damaged by liquids such as dipping the product or spraying any electronic product with water Or other liquids, or if the water indicator inside the device changes color (if it is equipped with it).

Modifying or completely changing the product drivers (the so-called: ROM or framework ware).

Use of non-genuine accessories with the product you purchased.

Remove the serial number on the product.

Failure to maintain and periodic inspection of the product.

Abusing or misusing the product for a purpose other than its intended purpose or in a manner that violates the device manufacturer's instructions for operation and maintenance

Damage to the product due to overcharging its battery and failure to use it according to the basic instructions in its user manual, charging the device using a charger not approved by the manufacturer, or connecting it to the wrong electrical current.

Issuance of a warranty claim:

You can contact us via e-mail, via our social networking sites, or live chat on the store.

Legal Obligations of Clients:

You acknowledge and agree as a party to this Agreement.