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Your obligations:

When you use or access the Services, you agree to the following:
Your responsibility for maintaining privacy, restricting access to and use of your account and password, and agreeing to assume responsibility for all activities that take place in your account name and password.
Agree to notify us immediately of any unauthorized use of your password or account, or any other breach of the website's safe use standards.
Provide complete, true, accurate and current information about yourself and your use of the services as specified by us.
Not to disclose to others (except as necessary or as specified by us) about the user information provided to you.
Cooperate with our requests for additional information regarding your eligibility and use of our services.
When you use or access the Services, you agree that you will not:
Posting, listing or downloading any inappropriate or prohibited content or materials on our website, including:
Content or material that is morally or religiously inappropriate in any way.
Content or materials that do not comply with local law, Islamic law, rules, morals, values, morals and traditions.
Content or materials that may threaten national security.
Content or materials that may promote or be part of gambling.
Securities, including stocks, bonds, Sukuk, or any of the other securities or any of the assets.
Live or dead creatures and / or any part of any animal that has been kept or preserved by any artificial or natural means.
None of the weapons.
Alcohol, tobacco products, narcotics, psychotropic substances, hypnotics, intoxicants of any kind, and medicinal medicines.
To your knowledge, the materials that are defective, false, corrupted, misleading, or may cause harm when used normally for the benefit or health of another user of the site.
Coupons are not transferable.
Post material for which you are not entitled to share or include the link.
Posting fake or stolen materials.
Violate or circumvent the law, breach any of the rights of others, our regulations, policies, or breach decisions regarding the status of your account.
Use services if you no longer meet the eligibility criteria, are unable to enter into legally binding contracts, or your account has been suspended temporarily or for an indefinite period.
Not paying for the products you have purchased, unless there is a legal reason to support this in any of our policies.
Not delivering to customers the products that you have sold (if applicable), unless there is a legal reason that supports your position and is mentioned in any of our policies.
Use the contact information provided to you while making a deal via the site to try to increase your sales outside the site’s borders or across other sites.
Manipulating the price of any product.
Interfering with other users' lists.
Take any action that would reduce site evaluation and rating systems.
Posting false, inaccurate, misleading, deceptive, defamatory or similar content.
Transferring your account to another party without our prior written consent.
Posting unwanted messages or electronic correspondence or the like.
Spreading viruses or any other technology that may harm our services or the interests of other users or their property.
to break:
Laws regarding copyright, trademark, patent, ethics, advertising, database, and / or any intellectual property rights (collectively referred to as "intellectual property rights") that relate to us or that are licensed to us.
Any of the intellectual property rights related to others.
Collecting users' information without obtaining their consent.
Or circumvent any of the technical procedures that we follow to provide services.
Guarantees, undertakings and representations:
You warrant, undertake and represent that:
Full compliance with continuing to operate in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and regulations, including but not limited to compliance with legislation related to privacy laws and content regulation.
You have full authority to contract in accordance with these terms of use, and that your implementation of your obligation under these terms of use does not conflict with:
Any of the laws, rules, regulations, or government guidelines to which you are subject.
Any of the other agreements to which you are a party or which you must abide by.
If you create an account or use it on behalf of a company, then you are authorized to act on behalf of that company and you guarantee its commitment to work with these terms of use. This account is the property of this company and is under its management.
You are the owner or authorized to grant the rights and licenses you have granted us in accordance with these Terms of Use.
Any content that you provide as part of your use of the services and for any of the products that you include, does not violate the rights of others anywhere around the world, including but not limited to any of the intellectual property rights (whether registered or not).
According to Clause 1.5, the services are provided to you in their "current condition" without guarantees, undertakings or representations. We disclaim all of our responsibility for all warranties, undertakings, or representations in all their forms, whether explicit, implicit or additional, including but not limited to all warranties, pledges, or representations regarding the validity of the content for commercial purposes, its suitability for a specific or general purpose, or its non-violation or breach of any rights or Our services are safe, free of defects, or will operate without any downtime, or will be provided in a timely manner or generally.
Moreover, although we try to be as accurate as possible, we do not guarantee that product specifications or any other content for any service are accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free. Additionally - and based on your being the buyer - you agree that we are not responsible.